Mar 01

The Bicycle City (trailer)

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“The Bicycle City is a character-driven feature-length documentary, it tells the story of five impoverished Nicaraguans in the small town of Rivas, who struggle against the social and economic realities of their society with the aid of their bicycles. It is also the story of the American who tirelessly delivers bicycles to some of the poorest communities on the planet.” Click here for the website.

Jan 07

“Wafalme is a hip-hop group formed by Kenyan kids who grew up in the slums around Nairobi. They recorded “Trash Is Cash” in a bid to enlighten humanity about innovative ways to recycle waste. These won’t just improve the environment, but also produce wealth and employment.” Watch here.

Oct 02

Global Oneness Project interviews Jayesh Patel, founder of the Gandhian NGO Manav Sadna, in the slums of Ahmedabad in India. Watch here.

“Someone asked Gandhi, ‘What is the most dangerous thing after independence?’ Gandhi answered, ‘heartless intellectuals’. Harmony between head, heart, and hand is very important. If you work, then you understand.” – Jayesh Patel

Sep 26

The award-winning, all-volunteer & nonprofit magazine Kyoto Journal’s newest issue, “Biodiversity; Japan’s Satoyama and Our Shared Future” features contributions from more than 50 writers, photographers and artists and highlights national, regional, and international environmental issues affecting all of our lives today. You can subscribe to KJ or download a selection of articles here.

Sep 23

Manfred Max-Neef on Democracy Now!

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Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, interviews Chilean “barefoot economist” and Right Livelihood Award Laureate (1983), Manfred Max-Neef. Click here.

Jun 05

Resurgence Slow Sunday

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Take part in Resurgence Magazine’s Slow Sundays, “simple actions that symbolize a rejection of commercialism, a passion for the planet and a desire for change.”

Resurgence Magazine’s homepage here.

Jun 05

Time Banks

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Time Banks are an innovative modern approach to an age-old economic system based on values of cooperation, sharing, and sustainability. Have a look at this US-based website on Time Banks. There is a downloadable Do-It-Yourself guide on how to start a Time Bank in your community.

May 22

Japan for Sustainability

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Cute & articulate manga and other great resources, from Japan for Sustainability

Feb 07

Learn all about the Slow Life Movement in Japan from this blog, by the founders of the movement.

Dec 29

Read about this creative photojournalist’s journey across America’s food landscape.

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