Jan 07

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Jan 07

Degrees of Separation

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In two days, the people of Southern Sudan will take part in an historic referendum to decide whether to secede from Sudan and form their own nation. Watch this special report from People & Power, hosted by Al Jazeera.

Nov 01

White Power U.S.A.

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Watch this poignant video on the rise of white supremacy in the USA, and other videos from Big Noise Films here.

Oct 25

HAFU-The Film

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On October 23rd we attended the preview screening and fundraising event for the forthcoming documentary film HAFU (due to be released in one year). The film will feature five individuals who identify as hafu (having one parent who is Japanese and one who is not) and their experiences in a society that predominately assumes homogeneity. The term itself has been controversial for decades due to its reference to multicultural people in Japan with one Japanese parent as being only “half”. There has been a growing movement to change the term to “double” or “mixed”. You can learn more about the film, the film makers, and provide financial support to this independent project by clicking here.

Sep 01

Anusheh: The Secret Words (Bangladesh)

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“As a Fakiri, Anusheh has been attacked by Islamic fundamentalists, but has fought back courageously, stating that the Islamists do not represent the real spiritual values of her countrymen. Her strength comes from her firm faith in Marfat, finding God within oneself.” Watch here.

Aug 30

Budrus Trailer

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Award-winning documentary about nonviolent resistance in Budrus, Palestine from the makers of Control Room and Encounter Point, which was featured on Media for Peacebuilding on March 4th. Watch the trailer for Budrus, here.

Jul 01

Watch this video on security from the Womens International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPFInternational)

Jun 16

21 Miles off the Coast of Palestine

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A documentary from 1973 by the BBC about the Exodus, a ship full of Jewish refugees (many of them holocaust survivors), that was attacked by British soldiers after it attempted to break the British blockade on Palestine in 1947.

An echo of the death of 9 humanitarian aid activists onboard the Mavi Marmara, one of the ships in the Freedom Floatilla, while en route to Gaza and in international waters.

An important reminder that history repeats itself and that there is always very little difference between “us” and “them”.

For balanced, peace-oriented Middle East news, visit Common Ground News Service.

Mar 04

Encounter Point

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Encounter Point is is an 85-minute feature documentary film that follows a former Israeli settler, a Palestinian ex-prisoner, a bereaved Israeli mother and a wounded Palestinian bereaved brother who risk their lives and public standing to promote a nonviolent end to the conflict. Their journeys lead them to the unlikeliest places to confront hatred within their communities. The film explores what drives them and thousands of other like-minded civilians to overcome anger and grief to work for grassroots solutions. It is a film about the everyday leaders in our midst.”

– From the website, www.encounterpoint.com

Feb 11

Watch this beautiful video by Sebastian Hernandez & Megumi Nishikura on being peace.

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