Oct 08

Watch this documentary on greening deserts by documentary filmmaker and ecologist, John D. Liu.

Visit Liu’s interactive storytelling website here: www.whatifwechange.org


Mar 08

KONY2012 : The Need for Media Literacy

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The KONY2012 video has gone viral with just short of 12mil views in 48 hours. In terms of online advocacy, this is a massive success. While the video is spreading awareness about a war criminal, Joseph Kony, we at Media for Peacebuilding have some questions about Invisible Children’s analysis of the conflict, and thereby their solution. Does a foreign military intervention to “stop” Kony decrease or increase violence in the region? What happens after his arrest? Are the hands of the Ugandan government “clean” in this conflict? Following are a number of links to add perspective to this dialogue. We leave you to your own conclusion.

The Problem with Invisible Children’s “Kony 2012”

Reflections on Kony 2012

A Reader’s Digest of KONY2012

Kony is Not in Uganda (and other complicated things)

On Kony 2012

Let’s Talk about Kony

Kony 2012

Feb 08

Watch this film to gain insight on the growing anti-nuke movement in Japan, post March 11th, 2011.

Japan has the rare opportunity to turn an unprecedented disaster into a beacon of hope by becoming a leader in the world to turn from nuclear power to a safer, cleaner future.

All of Japan’s nuclear reactors are scheduled to be shutdown for stress tests by the summer of this year, and many groups and individuals across Japan are coming together in solidarity to ensure this becomes a massive leap towards a future free from the repeat of such a disaster.

Jan 05

Watch this video interview with Will Allen, an urban farmer who has managed to produce ONE MILLION POUNDS of organic food in just 3 acres.

Dec 02

A beautiful film about our home, Planet Earth. We highlight this as an example of Media for Peacebuilding, because of its focus on solutions at the end of the film, rather than ending on a note of hopelessness or anger. We are all bogged down daily with negativity. It is time for SOLUTIONS, the COURAGE to suggest them, and the VISION to seek them out.

Jun 28

Watch this “documentary about Share Conference held in Belgrade, in April 2011. It was the first of its kind and it gathered the leaders in digital activism, artists from the field of new media and recognized musicians.”


More: shareconference.netfacebook.com/shareconference

Apr 20

April 10 Protest Against Nuclear Power Plants

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On April 10th there was a protest in Tokyo against the building of nuclear power plants in Japan. 15,000 gathered, an unprecedented number for a protest in Japan on this issue. Watch this video.

Apr 18

Documentary : Working in Nuclear Power Plants (Japan)

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Watch this still-timely documentary from Japan, interviewing people who worked in nuclear power plants (many without proper protection), all of whom contracted various degrees of radiation poisoning. Many of these workers were impoverished day laborers, recruited with little knowledge of the danger of the work they were taking part in.



Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Mar 01

The Bicycle City (trailer)

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“The Bicycle City is a character-driven feature-length documentary, it tells the story of five impoverished Nicaraguans in the small town of Rivas, who struggle against the social and economic realities of their society with the aid of their bicycles. It is also the story of the American who tirelessly delivers bicycles to some of the poorest communities on the planet.” Click here for the website.

Feb 06

Watch this documentary about Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange and the team behind the notorious anti-censorship organization, Wikileaks.

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