Mar 08

KONY2012 : The Need for Media Literacy

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The KONY2012 video has gone viral with just short of 12mil views in 48 hours. In terms of online advocacy, this is a massive success. While the video is spreading awareness about a war criminal, Joseph Kony, we at Media for Peacebuilding have some questions about Invisible Children’s analysis of the conflict, and thereby their solution. Does a foreign military intervention to “stop” Kony decrease or increase violence in the region? What happens after his arrest? Are the hands of the Ugandan government “clean” in this conflict? Following are a number of links to add perspective to this dialogue. We leave you to your own conclusion.

The Problem with Invisible Children’s “Kony 2012”

Reflections on Kony 2012

A Reader’s Digest of KONY2012

Kony is Not in Uganda (and other complicated things)

On Kony 2012

Let’s Talk about Kony

Kony 2012

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